Cavegirl-Approved Coffee Shops in New York

Apr 26, 2019 | Travel

I don’t need to tell you guys how much I love coffee. I know you know. This is old news. I’ve been to so many cities and tried so many coffee shops, that I figured it was about time I started a blog-o-dex (is that a thing?) of the best coffee spots I’ve found. Naturally, we had to start with the place I’m most in love with: New York City.





Devoción May be my favorite spot for coffee… like ever. I haven’t been to all of the locations but the one in Brooklyn is truly amazing. The interior design immaculate, and the coffee really is fantastic. They have decaf and almond milk options, which are perfect if you’re on a gut-healing protocol but also want to live large and drink a dang cup of joe.
This woman-owned-and-operated cafe is perfection. They are extremely detail-oriented and watching them work makes me so proud of girl power. They have great almond milk lattes, too! The food isn’t safe if you have celiac, but you still shouldn’t skip this place. The inside is straight out of an anthropology catalog.
Toby’s Estate
Toby’s Estate recently rebranded to Partner’s Coffee and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I don’t love the new visual design, and the coffee shop has gotten a little too crowded for my taste. That said, they make a good cup of coffee!
PPL is an unmarked, tiny oasis in Williamsburg. Its in a tiny hair salon, so there aren’t really chairs or places top stay and work, but you have to go for the plants. It’s literally the Secret Garden in really life. I swear.
Charley St
The best part about Charley St is the food, but it’s also a fantastic spot for coffee or tea. I’m always a coffee person,  but their lemongrass tea definitely won me over!
This place has the best pour over! It’s quaint and easy to miss, but one of the most well-crafted cups of coffee I’ve had in the city.
The Butcher’s Daughter
The Butcher’s Daughter is a vegan restaurant, but you can still order coffee to go, or go in for just a cup of coffee. It’s really too adorable to not stay inside, honestly. The interior design is immaculate, and the coffee is worth the money. And, you can order brunch and make a party out of it!
Stumptown Coffee
This is my go-to if I’m near Washington Square Park. It tends to be a little packed with NYU students which can make it hard to get a seat, but it’s worth it for the coffee! Their drip is awesome, and you can always drink it in the park instead.
Urban Backyard
This is the most adorable little place…. like ever. Not lying. I get claustrophobic easily, but I totally didn’t notice in Urban Backyard. Their coffee is delicious, their pastries are adorable, and the service is wonderful. And did I mention it’s adorable? Go by yourself and bring a book with you. You could cozy up here for hours.
I LOVE Maman. They are such a unique brand and their elegant, Victorian/vintage design aesthetic is well executed in every location. They are another spot that has truly thought of every detail in their brand experience. I love the layout of the Hudson location, which has an adorable little window where you pick up your food, and shelves packed with blue books and vintage picture frames.
La Colombe
This is a coffee chain originating in Philadelphia. It’s not my favorite coffee shop, but it’s a good stop if you’re in SOHO (which isn’t the best spot for coffee shops in Manhattan.)

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