Free At-Home Workouts to Get Through Quarantine

Mar 17, 2020 | Life

A list of free workouts to get you through quaratine


If you’ve ever lived with me, traveled with me, or even had a sleepover with me you know I am a PAIN if I haven’t worked out. And honestly? It gets even worse in my own head. I stay on top of stress, anxiety, and depression by moving every day, and there’s no way I’d be making it through this scary time without getting my daily movement in. Aside from my daily walks with Hudson I need my own time to move, sweat, and push myself. If you’re sitting at home and struggling with the isolation it might be time to get out the yoga mat, turn on a playlist, and try out one of these apps.

My roundup includes HIIT, cardio, yoga, pilates, and weight training, so there should be something for everyone regarless of how much space or equipment you have. All I have is a yoga mat and a little space in my living room and all of these resources are still helpful for me!

Stay safe and well, and let me know if you’ve found any other ideas that I should add to this list:

  1. 40 Free At-Home workouts from Paleomg
  2. Free Trial from Peloton (90 days)
  3. Nike Training App (tons of free workouts)
  4. Corepower Yoga (free virtual classes) 
  5. Crossfit Linchpin (they post daily WODs and many can be done at home with modification.)
  6. Blogilates (free Pilates videos)
  7. Yoga by Candace (youtube channel with tons of great yoga videos)
  8. Aaptive (1 week free trial)
  9. Madfit (youtuber with free at-home workout videos)
  10. Search on IG– a bunch of fitness gurus are post with hashtags like #quarantineworkout with new at home workouts every day!


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