My Favorite Workspaces in New York City

Jan 6, 2020 | Travel

NYC is such an inspiring place! On my work trips I love finding a good spot to edit and get some work done between sprints around the city or shoots for my clients. It’s not hard to find a Starbucks on any given corner, but I like searching for local spots if I can—they’re less touristy and generally have better coffee and decor. Don’t hesitate to say hi if we bump into each other in any of these spots!


Maman has such a great atmosphere! I love the design of their locations and always enjoy drinking out of their pretty coffee and teacups. It’s kinda like living in Anthropologie for a minute, which I’m cool with.
Marlton – I love grabbing a cozy chair by the fireplace here and curling up with a book or my laptop for a couple of hours. The coffee is good and chairs are super cozy—perfect on a cold day!

Urban Backyard

You’ll get the best coffee of your life here! I haven’t had the mocha but my mom says it’s to die for, and it definitely looks like it is. It’s such a tiny place in Nolita that you’ll walk by it multiple times without noticing it, but once you see it you have to go in! There’s isn’t much seating so it can be hard to stay for a while unless you happen in at the right time.

My favorite coffee shops and workspaces in NYC

Citizens of Gramercy

I love the Citizens chain-they have 3 locations downtown {we love Citizens of Bleecker} where you can grab a coffee and a croissant and have a great conversation or get some reading done.


I’ve spent many hour in Devoción over this past year! Their Brooklyn location is my favorite {it’s big and spacious with a lot of seating and an awesome glass ceiling that lets in a lot of great light) but I also love the Flatiron location. They have a great window seat for curling up in with a hot coffee!



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